Laminated Magnet

What is the laminated magnets?
Laminated magnet is to cut whole magnet into many small magnets, and then use specific glue to bond together. these small magnets are insulated from each other and can cut down electromagnetic eddy current.
Why we need laminated magnets?
When the permanent magnet motor is running, the motor will generate harmonic and the magnet will generate skin effect, these all will bring a lot of eddy current loss. and then, the temperature of permanent manget rises, which results in irreversible demagnetization and affects the safety and stability of motor operation. so the design of laminated magnet can just cut down this risk.
Scope of application: High-speed permanent magnet motor.
Advantage: 1.Reducing electromagnetic eddy current.
                     2.Remaining the same magnetic properties with the whole magnet or even superior.