Rotor Magnet

What’s the magnetic rotor?
We are mainly produce magnetic components in permanent magnet motor field, especially NdFeB permanent magnet motor accessories which can match all kinds of medium and small permanent magnet motor. The rare-earth permanent magnet motor can not only achieve high performance(such as high efficiency, special high speed, special high response speed) which the traditional electric excitation motor can’t compare, but also can be made into special motor which can meet the requirements of specific operation, such as elevator traction motor, automobile special motor and so on.
1. Flat rotor assembly
The flat rotor assembies are mainly used in the aerospace field, automotive transmission systems.
2. High speed precision rotor assembly
High speed precision rotor assembly usually make by radial ring magnet. It is used for motor with high accuracy, such as high precision servo motor and medical equipment motor.
Main characteristics: high speed, quick response and low price.
3. Permanent magnet rotor assemblies for servo motors
It is mainly applied to high power(ultra high speed),high function(high temperature) and high precision servo motors.
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