Ningbo Faizeal Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of magnetic components. The magnetic circuit design and assembly process is the core competitiveness of our factory. Our factory provides a variety of industrial magnetic couplings, motor rotors, laminated magnets assembly, halbach array and other magnetic components.

Factory environment

Production Environment

Our main production task is hardware and assemble. Assemble with magnetic and jig design is our core competitiveness. Our fixtures can be used not only for the assembly of magnetic components, but also for the initial inspection of finished products. The multiple inspection is to ensure the quality of the products, and it is also for the safety of personnel used in industry.










OEM/ODM service

We provide OEM/ODM service for global clients in the industry . We will give sincere service and most competitive price to welcome to cooperate with us. 


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