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NdFeB Pot Magnet
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NdFeB Pot Magnet
NdFeB Pot Magnet
NdFeB Pot Magnet
NdFeB Pot Magnet
  Pot Magnet not only have a potent attraction while in direct contact with the work piece, but also have the excellent field projection capabilities.
The Features of Pot Magnet
1. Small size and powerful;
2. Powerful magnetic force is concentrated in one side only, almost no magnetic in the other three sides,the magnet is not easily crumbled;
3. The magnetic force is five times equivalent to the same volume magnet;
4. Pot magnet can suck on or move on metal surfaces freely;
5. Permanent magnetism and long service life.
It mainly used in window dressing, door/cupboard and door stopper, false ceiling clamps, signs and banners, torque limited seal, jigs and fixtures, lighting holders, marketing and exhibition displays, industrial fixings, etc.
Pot Magnet Note
  The adsorption force of pot magnet is a vertical force in the vertical direction, the vertical force in horizontal direction will be much smaller.
  Pot magnet is also related with the roughness of the adsorption interface.
  According to customer demands, various types of adsorption force, magnetic materials and different styles of magnetic hooks can be produced.

Our regular products

1. Magnet Pot NA

Pot magnet (NdFeB), with counter bore, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.


 Pot magnet (NdFeB), with counter bore, NiCuNi coating, body lathe machining.


2. Magnet Pot NB

Pot magnet (NdFeB), with bore, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.

 Pot magnet (NdFeB), with bore, NiCuNi coating, body lathe machining.

3. Magnet Pot NC

Pot magnet (NdFeB), with external thread, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.

 Pot magnet (NdFeB), with external thread, NiCuNi coating, body lathe machining.

4. Magnet Pot ND

 Pot magnet (NdFeB), with screwed bush, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.

 Pot magnet (NdFeB), with screwed bush, NiCuNi coating, body lathe machining.


5. Magnet Hook NE

Hook magnet (NdFeB), with hook, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.

 Hook magnet (NdFeB), with hook, NiCuNi coating, body lathe machining.

6. Magnet Hook NF

Hook magnet (NdFeB), with eyelet hook, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.

Hook magnet (NdFeB), with hook, NiCuNi coating, body lathe machining. 

7. Magnet Hook NJ

Hook magnet (NdFeB), with stainless steel hook, NiCuNi coating, body stamping machining.


We can do any customized pot magnet, if you need, please contact us feel free. 


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