Introduction of Halbach Array

What is Halbach Array?
Halbach array is a kind of specialized and interesting arrangement of permanent magnet which invented by Klaus Halbach on 1979. The array was originally designed to help particle accelerators to focus beams on Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory. The magnetization direction of two adjacent magnets in the array differs on a certain angle, hence caused asymmetrical distribution of the magnetic field.
Characteristics of Halbach Array
Large and uniform magnetic field will be produced by halbacharray in a certain area, and its magnetic field can also exceed the remanence of the magnetic material itself.
Halbach array enhance magnetic field on one side, in the meanwhile keeping the field to very low level on the other side.
Applications of Halbach Array
The application includes:

    -Simple fixture and holding.

    -Rotors for DC motor, linear motor, servo motor, magnetic coupling and power generator.

    -Magnetic levitations.

    -High energy physics area, such as the particleaccelerator, free-electron laser device, synchrotron radiation facility, and magnetic lens.


The assembly of Halbach Array
It should be noted that halbach array is extremely difficult to assemble.

 -The magnets need to be assembled under the magnetized state, that it, manufactures should combated the force between repelling magnets.

 -Magnets in halbach array also more susceptible to be demagnetized.

 -How to design and produce the assemble jig? This need a good understanding of the magnetic circuit, and many years of experience with magnetic assembly.

 -Faizeal Magnet has this ability to design and assembly with magnetic force by ourselves.

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