Magnetic Ore Separator

Problems raised

Here is the picture which showed the phenomenon about the customer’s magnetic separator. 

So our customer hope that we can help them improve the magnetic performance and enhance the abilities of anti-corrosion for the magnetic ore separator. But there are three requirements:
1. We can’t change the structure of magnetic separation equipment and don't affect the original operation mode.
2. It can’t change the total volume of the magnets greatly.
3. It can’t be reduced the effect of beneficiation.
4. It can’t add too much cost. 
Determine the improvement direction
After discussed, our engineer determine two improvement directions:
One is enhancing magnetic field strength and magnetic field gradient for the magnetic ore separator.
Another is enhancing the abilities of anti-corrosion for the magnetic ore separator.

Test and adjustment phase

We tried a variety of permutation and tested the actual effect for the each mode and sample ore, finally find the best combination. 

  We tried to use different anticorrosion coatings and tested in different working environments (such as strong oxidizing, strong acid and so on), finally find the best optimal scheme. 

Prototype of the first and the second generation magnetic separator 

                                                                      The first generation

                                                                     The second generation

According to the test results, we assembled the first generation magnetic separator(drum-type) and the second generation magnetic separator (crawler-type).
After a series of tests, the Magnetic filed strength has been greatly improved and enhanced the abilities of anti-corrosion. And the second generation magnetic separator is more better than the first generation in all aspects of the effect.

Magnetic ore separator plate:

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